I Wanted A Yard Ornament!

By Staff

Box 141, Hessel, Michigan 49745

What does an ‘old lady’ like me, 64 years old, find
interesting in an old tractor? Well, I wasn’t looking for a
tractor. I was looking for old license plates when I spotted an old
tractor. The man who had it wouldn’t even give me a price on

The steering mechanism had been cut off for another tractor, I
guess. Right then and there, I had to have a tractor, so I went
looking for one. Now there are quite a few farms around where I
live and other tractor nuts like me are looking too, but I found
one for $200.00 plus $100.00 for hauling it home for me, a distance
of 40 miles. I told the man I wanted it for a yard ornament because
on my income, I couldn’t afford to restore it.

Well, it was missing the magneto, head and valve assembly and

It sure is a whopper, a McCormick Deering, 1926, 15-30, and I
painted it up gray with red wheels. The engine is seized also, but
it’s a yard ornament.

You’ve probably heard of the song ‘I Overlooked an
Orchid While Searching For a Rose’-. Well, that’s exactly
what I did, for only a half mile up the road from me, I found a
10-20, 1929 McCormick. I had to make monthly payments, but I got it
home, and it runs, if I can figure out how to start it. Life is
great when you get old.

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