The Howard Rotavator GEM Garden Tractor

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Rotary Hoes Limited

Howard Andrews of  Rumson, New Jersey sent us a copy of an instruction book and spare parts list he recently purchased from a bookshop in York, Pennsylvania. This illustration shows a Howard Rotavator “GEM” garden tractor, series III model. Publisher of the parts list was Rotary Hoes Limited of Horndon, Essex, England. Here are the specifications of the machine:

Engine: Single cylinder side valve (600 cc.) J.A.P. Mk.III.

Bore And Stroke: 3-3/8-inch diameter x 4 inches (85.7 mm. x 104 mm.)

Engine Speed: 1,800 rpm

Fuel Tank: Fuel and oil tank built as one unit with separate compartments. Fuel capacity 1-1/2 gallons. Oil capacity three pints.

Clutch: Heavy-duty single dry plate.

Gear-box: Three speed and reverse transmission by hardened gears running in oil. All shafts mounted on ball bearings. Differential gear for easy turning automatically locked when rotor is engaged.

Speeds: 1st gear — 0.78 mph; 2nd gear — 1.17 mph; 3rd gear — 1.65 mph; Reverse gear — 1.40 mph

Rotor: Speed 155 rpm 18-inch diameter.

Power Take-off Pulley: 10-inch diameter 4-inch face; 450 rpm; 1,178 feet per minute

Overall Dimensions Of Machine: Length 6-foot 6 inches; Width 2-foot 1-inch *

Weight: 5-1/4 cwt. approximately*

*Standard 20-inch Machine.

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