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39/5/2 B: Magneto and governor on Don Leap's Stewart Little Wonder.
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39/5/1: U.M.A. 2 HP engine manufactured by J. Thompson & Sons.
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39/5/2A: Stewart Little Wonder is a nice little engine.
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39/5/3A Unidentified tractor.
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39/5/3B: Unidentified tractor.
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39/5/4A : Cray Bros, engine manufactured by Caldwell-Hollowell in Waterloo, Iowa.
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39/5/7: Piston from a 1917 Fairbanks-Morse 3 HP Type Z.
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39/5/4B: Cray Bros, engine manufactured by Caldwell-Hollowell in Waterloo, Iowa.

39/5/1: U.M.A. Engine Q. I have been trying to
identify this engine’s manufacturer. As I understand it, United
Manufacturers did not make engines. The serial number on this
engine is 5211. I am trying to determine the year it was made and
anything else anyone might know. Gary Knorr, Old Salem Road,
Springfield, IL 62707 (

A: Your engine was manufactured by J. Thompson
& Sons Manufacturing Co., Beloit, Wis. Page 513 of C.H.
Wendel’s American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 shows catalog
cuts depicting the ‘Thompson Tiger’ line of engines.
Further, page 3 of the May 1997 issue of GEM features catalog
images of the Thompson line, including your engine, which is
identified as a 2 HP model. The limited information available
suggests your engine was current about 1912-1914. These engines
were also sold by Lunt, Moss & Co., Boston, Mass., and possibly

39/5/2: Stewart Little Wonder I recently
acquired this Stewart Little Wonder engine. I am missing the
magneto cap and also whatever is connected to the little lever at
the end of the governor shaft. Does anyone have a close-up of what
should be there? I also need a clutch for a 2-1/4-inch shaft. Does
anyone know where I could obtain one? Any other information would
be greatly appreciated such as the year, horsepower, etc. Thanks.
Don Leap, P.O. Box 703, Hyndman, PA 15545.

39/5/3: Unknown Tractor Does anyone know
anything about this tractor? Is it a homemade machine? The only
name on it is Jasper, which is cast in the rear housing. It has a
Ford Model A engine and a belt pulley set-up. I’m planning on
rebuilding the tractor, and I would appreciate any information
about it. Thanks. John Fenske, 138 2nd Ave. S.E., New Brighton, MN
55112-7855; (651) 633-0129.

39/5/4: Cray Bros. Engine Enclosed are some
pictures of a 1912 Cray Bros., Cleveland, Ohio, 2-1/2 HP engine.
Manufactured by Caldwell-Hollowell Manufacturing Co., Waterloo,
Iowa. An old friend of mine said he helped unload this engine from
the train in 1912 and went with the owner by wagon to where it was
set up in a blacksmith shop. I bought it about 30 years ago then
had to sell it. Several months ago, I got the chance to buy it
back. It is in very good condition, complete with the original
clutch pulley and galvanized lid for the water hopper, but it is
missing the crank guard.

I have never seen another one, and nobody in this part of the
country I have talked to has ever seen one. I thought in the
Midwest they might be more common as they were built in Waterloo. I
would like to talk to anybody that has one of these engines or
knows anything about them. I would also like to find a crank guard.
Thank you. Harry W. Campbell, Box 241, Josephine, PA 15750; (724)

39/5/5: Sattley 5HP Q. I am restoring a Sattley
5 HP, serial no. 28344. Please tell me the date of manufacture and
original color. I am told this engine was made by Field-Brundage
for Montgomery Ward. Is this correct? Thanks for your help. V.T.
Hunn, 5100 Dayton Road, Fort Worth, TX 76140-8042.

A: Unfortunately, we don’t know of any
serial number lists for Sattley engines. Field-Brundage did indeed
produce engines for sale by Montgomery Ward, including a 5 HP
model. As to color, early Sattley gasoline engines were black,
kerosene engines were brown, and later Sattley’s were a darkish
green. An exact color match is pretty much impossible, and the best
bet is to match the color of an existing engine.

39/5/6: Johnny-on-the-Spot I recently purchased
a gas engine called ‘Johnny-on-the-Spot’ made by Gilson
Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Guelph, Canada. This engine is serial no.
54833, is rated 1-3/4 HP and is a hit-and-miss.

I would like to know the year of the engine and the color code.
Thank you. Joseph Powers, R.R. 3, Hastings, ONT, Canada K0L

39/5/7: Fairbanks-Morse Piston Rings A recent
phone call from reader Clayton Millie got us wondering about
something, and it’s an issue Clayton would like opinions on.
Namely, is there a consensus on retaining the protruding catches
that are cast into the ring lands of some Fairbanks-Morse Z
pistons, evidently to locate the piston rings?

Clayton says he’s received conflicting opinions on the
subject from both suppliers and restorers, with some saying you
should file the nibs off and others saying you should retain them.
Clayton is in the middle of restoring his 1917 3 HP Type Z, and
he’s trying to decide the best course of action. If you have an
opinion on the matter, contact Clayton Millie at 1625 North C St.,
Fremont, NE 68025; (402) 721-1948. Drop us a line here, as well, so
we can share in the discussion.

39/5/8: Stove Engine I have a Stover engine,
Model KA, serial no. KA151765. The engine is pretty rusted up, and
as far as I can tell it is missing the gas tank, cylinder oiler and
the arm and bracket that opens the exhaust valve. I am interested
in any blue prints, part lists and part suppliers related to this
serial number Stover engine. I have the Power of the Past Volume
Ill pamphlet with the operating instructions and small description
of the KA-series motor. Kevin Boucher, P.O. Box 1353, Medical Lake,
WA 99022.

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