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39/6/1: Case VAIW tug.
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39/6/3: Watkins engine with a full copper jacket for water-cooling.

39/6/1: Case Airplane Tug My Case VAIW airplane
tug has a mounted luggage conveyor. I wonder if this is shop-built,
or is it a factory job? The front axle is 1 -foot longer on the
heavy side and also has a transverse spring (like a Ford Model T).
Other extras are a hand brake and the headlight. All these changes
are neatly done, but an airport shop could surely have done them.
Has anyone seen another one of these? Bruce D. West, 10684 Liss
Road, Willis, MI 48191-9722.

39/6/2: Simplicity tractors Do you know
anywhere I can get a book or information on Simplicity lawn
tractors or walking tractors? Can’t wait to get Gas Engine
Magazine! I love to read about tractors and lawn mowers. William
Faulkner, 3387 Grifton Hugo Road, Grifton, NC 28530-8319.

39/6/3: Watkins Engine Information Having
recently become the owner of a Watkins engine, I thought I would
pass along what information I have since at least two people have
sent inquiries to GEM.

My engine is a 3 HP, serial no. 121. The engine has a full
copper jacket for water-cooling, which is held in place by a steel
band at the bottom of the jacket. The top has a cap-type nipple,
which seals off, and the spark plug then screws into this.

The brass nameplate says: The Watkins Motor Co., Cincinnati,
Ohio, No. 121, HP 3. It appears the exhaust would seal off the same
as the top, although mine is missing this item. Also, my carburetor
only has a large ‘L’ on one side and ‘3/4’ on the
other and appears a little different than Coulters as shown on page
8 of the March 2004 issue.

Hoping this information will help someone. This is my first
correspondence on engines, although I personally have about 14 or
15 single-cylinder engines. I just can’t seem to find time to
play with them as I would like.

Love the information in your magazine, please keep up the good
work. James E. Speicher, 6378 State Highway 13 S., Wabash, IN

39/6/4: Cushman Model BB I have restored my
Cushman Model BB, Type H, 3 HP, 550 rpm engine to running order. I
have been told it is a very rare engine, and I am in the process of
finishing it.

What I need to know is, what the decal on the water tank looks
like and what it says. I can make out ‘For All Your Uses,’
but the rest is unreadable.

Can anyone send me a picture or have any ideas where I can get
the correct decal? I have the paint, but want to redo the entire
engine to look as authentic as possible. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Frank Arend, 101 Maple St., P.O. Box 102, Burt, IA
50522-0102; (515) 924-3826;

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