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39/7/2: John Wohlfeil's three-cylinder, two-stroke marine engine.
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39/7/1: Briggs & Stratton 1/2 HP Model Y.
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39/7/2: John Wohlfeil's three-cylinder, two-stroke marine engine.
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39/7/4: An old advertisement for E. M. Link Machinery Co.

Briggs Model Y, Mystery Marine Engine and Link Machinery

39/7/1: Briggs Model Y Q: At a recent engine
show I bought an engine I have always wanted – it had the
kick-start and small, square gas tank mounted on the base. It might
have been made in the Depression days to replace the Maytag washer
engines. The nameplate gives this information: Type 60083, Model Y,
serial no. 164798. ‘Always give above information when writing
about this motor or parts for it. We recommend Cross Country or
Corona Oil (SAE 20) Summer and Winter. Sears, Roebuck & Co.,
the World’s Largest Store.’ Not surprisingly, our local
Sears doesn’t service anything that old.

In cleaning the engine, I found a Briggs & Stratton logo
showing through a coat of black paint on the air housing. I cleaned
the gas tank, check valve, screen, fuel line and freed the stuck
accelerator plunger, which is connected to the air vane governor. I
got a tickle from the spark plug wire when I moved the

This engine has an extended shaft under the pulley. That shaft
and the left-hand screw hold the kick-start gear onto the main
crankshaft. That starting gear was in some way connected to a
broken spring (original or home made?), which was under the tubular
housing bolted together with the flywheel shaft. The spring that
was there did not work. Looking at the broken pieces of the spring,
I don’t understand how the gear would activate the fly
wheel/crankshaft and release when the engine started, and the kick
lever returned.

I would like to talk or correspond with anyone who has knowledge
of this engine and/or a parts engine with parts to make this engine
work. Rob Maulsby, 416 Green Acres Drive, Huntsville, AL
35805-2527; (256) 837-4984.

A: The 1/2 HP Briggs & Stratton Model Y was
designed for washing machine applications and was a fairly popular
engine in its day. The Model Y was offered from 1931 to 1940, and
according to serial number data on the Antique Small Engine
Collectors Club Web site (, your engine was built in
June 1935. We’re hoping someone out there in engine land can
help you sort out the kick-start mechanism, which is unique to that

39/7/2: Mystery Marine Engine Does anyone know
what make this three-port, two-cycle engine is? John J. Wohlfeil,
190 County Road 550, Marquette, MI 49855-9704; (906) 345-0013;
(248) 681-0808.

39/7/3: Aermotor Pumping Engine I have an
air-cooled eight-cycle Aermotor pumping engine, serial no. 1ACEN.
Can anyone tell me what year it was built? Al Diamond, 9345 Lemon
Ave., La Mesa, CA 91941-4415; (690) 460-7573.

39/7/4: Link Machinery Co. I’m looking for
someone who might have some information on the E. M. Link Machinery
Co. engine. From the old advertisement, it is probably steam
powered and from about 1893. David J. Link, 8466 Lybbert Drive
N.E., Moses Lake, WA 98837-1405.

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