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39/4/2: Unidentified device, possibly a compressor?
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39/4/6A: Unidentified engine.
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39/4/1: Solid flywheel Challenge engine.
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39/4/6B: Unidentified engine.
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39/4/7: Harvest King Senior garden tractor.
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39/4/11: Fairbanks-Morse FM72.

39/4/1: Challenge Engine I would like to
restore this engine. It is a 1-1/2 HP Challenge made by Challenge
Co., Batavia, Ill. I need things like a piston, timing gear and
head. I would like to hear from anybody who has one of these
engines, and could greatly use any of the above parts.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Don Newcomb, 532 Kirk
Road, Rochester, NY 14612; (585) 227-2091;

39/4/2: Caldwell & Co. Enclosed are
pictures of what, I don’t know. Could any one identify what
this is? The tag on the base says: Manufactured in U.S.A. for E.R.
Caldwell & Co., Bradford, Pa. Loyd A. Fox, 6183 Main St., Jane
Lew, WV 26378-8502.

39/4/3: Stuck IH Help! I acquired a very rusty
IHC Model M, 3 HP. I need tips on removing the pulley and
flywheels. I’m spraying penetrating oil daily on all parts. Can
heat be used on the cast parts? Thanks, Ronnie Eisert, 2027 Ball
Diamond Hill Road N.E., Lanesville, IN 47136-8136.

39/4/4: Waterloo Boy

Q: A friend and I have found a 6 HP Waterloo
Boy engine in a farm grove. It has been there abandoned for 50
years or more and needs much work, but will be a fine engine when
restored. The serial number is 24876. Can you tell us the year,
correct color and pin striping? A picture would be a great help.
Raymond Wickham, Box 402, Dumont, IA 50625-0402; (641) 857-6672;

A: Your engine was built in 1911.
Wendel’s Notebook lists DuPont 2564 dark red for early
Waterloo engines such as yours and DuPont 5316 for later engines.
Note, however, that some were painted gray, for which Wendel lists
Sherwin-Williams 4030 gray.

39/4/5: IHC Famous

Q: Recently I bought an IHC Famous 2-1/2 HP
hopper-cooled horizontal engine. I need to know what year it was
made. The serial no. is GA 1708.

I know it was painted red, but the flywheels show traces of
white or cream-colored paint. Is this original? Also, I need a
parts book, complete carburetor, fuel lines, fuel pump and igniter.
Please help, even if the parts are only good for patterns.

Wesley Faust, 1153 White Chapel Drive, Central Point, OR 97502;
(541) 664-9119;

A: Your engine was built in 1911. As for the
paint, after almost 100 years anything is possible. Assuming the
paint is original, it’s possible what you’re seeing is a
primer coat.

You can order a reprint of the original setup manual (which also
includes a basic parts listing) from GEM. The book is item
no. 1066, costs $5 and can be ordered by calling (800) 678-4883. As
for parts, look through the classifieds in the back of the magazine
or contact one of the many engine parts suppliers who advertise in

39/4/6: Unidentified Christmas Present I
acquired this engine on Dec. 22, 2003, which made it a nice
Christmas present.

I haven’t been able to identify the engine. I sent pictures
to three engine friends and still no luck. I am hoping someone in
engine land may be able to identify it. As you can see, there are a
lot of pieces missing, but the engine is free and the cylinder
looks good as new. Howard L. Abrahamson, 2145 Shilhon Road, Duluth,
MN 55804; (218) 525-4069.

39/4/7: Harvest King Senior We recently
acquired a ‘Harvest King Senior’ garden tractor that was
apparently sold through the Spiegel catalog. It has a Wisconsin
Model AK engine, with the size shown as 2-7/8-inch by 2-3/4-inch.
We would appreciate any information that anyone has on what year it
was manufactured and who originally built this machine. Bob
Lundberg, 2910 Malone Drive, Panama City, FL 32405;

39/4/8: Maytag Engine Fuel For Maytag engine
fuel, I have been told that chain saw fuel mix should not be used.
I understand that non-detergent engine oil should be mixed with the
gasoline. What mix ratio of oil to gasoline should be used? Also,
what weight of oil is recommended?

Ron Shipley, 1110 Riley Ave., Emporia, KS 66801.

39/4/9: Witte Engine

Q: I am trying to find some history on a 1925
Witte 2 HP engine, serial no. B26309, I have. Back when C.H. Wendel
was doing the Reflections column, he was able, on some
Witte engines, to supply the original owner and place of purchase.
Is there any way to find this information?

Also, am I correct in understanding that American Gasoline
Engines Since
1872 is no longer in print? Are there any plans
to re-release this book? It seems that at one time there was talk
of a second edition. Vernon Achord Jr., 14218 3rd St., Santa Fe, TX
77517; (409) 925-8029;

A: We contacted C.H. Wendel, and unfortunately
he doesn’t have any information on your engine. As to
Wendel’s book, we know that he’s working on getting it
reprinted, hopefully in the near future.

39/4/10: Witte Engine, Take Two I recently
bought a 4 HP 1905 Witte vertical hit-and-miss engine from a
collector in Arizona. The seller believes that there are only two
of these engines known to exist. I would like to know if any of
your subscribers know the whereabouts of other Witte’s of the
same type. I would love to contact anyone with information on this
engine, and in particular a picture of the igniter trip mechanism.
George Best, Beaverton, Ore.; or (503)

39/4/11: Fairbanks Morse information

Q: My father restored this Fairbanks Morse
engine and would appreciate any additional information someone
might have.

It is a Fairbanks Morse flat-head six-cylinder gasoline engine.
The tag on the engine reads Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Chicago,
Ill. The model number is FM72, unit number FN3037 and engine number
169797. It was used as a stationary engine. That’s all we know,
and thanks in advance for anything that can help us. Duane Slayton,
10925 11-Mile Road, Ceresco, MI 49033;

A: We cant find any references for a Fairbanks
Morse Model FM72. Going by FM serial numbers, the engine should
have been built in 1916, yet we’ve never seen a flathead
six-cylinder FM, let alone from that era. Our assumption is this
engine was sold – but not made – by FM.

39/4/12: Challenge, Take Two I am in the
process of restoring a 1-1/2 HP Challenge engine with solid disc
flywheels, serial no. 27774. I would like to know the right color
for this engine, as well as the year made. I would also like to
know the dimensions for the fuel tank. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Jon Randeris, 2439 Quail Ave., Hamlin, IA 50117;

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