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28/3/34 Frost & Wood Q. See the photos of a
Frost & Wood mower made at Smith Falls, Canada. It was red with
yellow wheels, and a blue sickle bar. When was it made, how long
did the company last, and the like. Any help will be appreciated.
Kevin F. Kurds, 1855 Bakertown Rd., Buchanan, Ml 49107.

A. Frost & Wood dated back to 1839.
Cockshutt eventually bought out the Frost & Wood line, and in
recent history, White Motors bought out Cockshutt.

28/3/35 Fairbanks-Morse Compressor Q. Please
help me obtain information on a Fairbanks-Morse water-cooled air
compressor. The name plate indicates 3? x 4 inch bore and stroke;
the s/n is 11277. It is a vertical, single-cylinder design with a
single pulley/fly wheel. Any information will be appreciated. Roy
Childers, 303 Scoates Hall, College Station, TX 77843-2121.

28/3/36 Maynard Engine Q. I have a Maynard,
from the Charles Williams Stores, s/n W14245. It has a Webster
magneto and 16-inch flywheels. What is its age, its horsepower, and
the proper color scheme? Any help will be appreciated. Gordon S.
Braislin, 3 Jericho Rd South, Sherman, CT 06784.

28/3/37 Power Master Q. See the photos of a
Power Master, s/n 20023, Model 2104,6 volt, 150 watts, 2225 rpm.
The carburetor has a brass air cap, brass fuel needle, and brass
intake pipe. The motor has a push button electric start. Can anyone
tell me anything further about this unit? Dennis Dingman, Route 3,
Box 32C, Harden, ID 83835.

28/3/38 Lombard Saw Q. See the photo of a
Lombard on which I have no information. It has never been rebuilt
and runs well, but is very heavy and very loud. Any help will be
appreciated. John Laudano, 666 Ridge Road, Middle-town, CT

28/3/39 Unidentified Implement Q. See the photo
of an unidentified implement (Photo 39A), the bar is 28 inches wide
and 42 inches long. ‘YODER 1913’ is cast inside the rear
wheels. In Photo 39B is a small grinder, and I would like to know
what make it is. Any help will be appreciated. Edward Minnick, RR
1, Box 140, Bainbridge, IN 46105.

A. We’ll take a stab at 39A. We think it is
a corn cutter that was pulled by horses. However, we’re not
sure if the side pieces are sharpened or not. The idea was to drive
alongside a row of corn and this outfit would shear off the stalks
so that others could come behind and tie them into bundles of corn

28/3/40 Ottawa Mule Team Q. See the photo of an
Ottawa Mule Team tractor from Ottawa Manufacturing Company. Any
information, including the proper color scheme would be greatly
appreciated. Jack Harrell, PO Box 142, Roanoke, IN 46783.

A. Can anyone help here? We’re guessing
this to be about 1940s, and vaguely recall seeing it advertised
someplace about that time.

28/3/41 David Bradley Q. Can anyone provide the
proper color number for the red used on David Bradley garden
tractors? Paul Burkle, PO Box 1871, Waterloo, IA 50704.

A. We have the following Martin-Senior numbers:
90R3724 Green and 90R-3725 Red.

28/3/42 Thanks! To Vern Racek for sending along
some further information on the Hercules Gas Engine Company at
Evansville, Indiana. By the way, thanks also to those who sent us
Greetings of the Season over the recent holidays!

28/3/43 A Restored Saw See Photos 43 A and 43B
for a before-and-after restoration. The unit is mounted on an old
Buick truck frame, and the engine is a 6 HP Fairbanks Morse
‘Z’ model. The head was broken and the cylinder was badly
pitted. It took a year from start to finish, but it really saws
wood now.

‘I saw a saw in Arkansas that could out saw any saw you ever
saw. If you ever see a saw that can out saw that saw I saw in
Arkansas, I would really like to see that saw saw! Tom Beery, 24772
Hwy 108, Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346.

28/3/44 Sta-Rite Engine Q. I’m restoring
the 1? HP Sta-Rite engine shown in the photos. However, it’s
different than the one shown in American Gas Engines. Mine has wick
oilier on the mains, oilier behind the water hopper, carburetor,
intake on side of head, cam gear inside housing, no gas tank inside
the base, base is different, it uses a round pushrod, and has no
model number. I need some parts and would like to correspond with
anyone having one that would give me the right dimensions. Any help
will be appreciated. John M. Preston, 2500 Curtis Rd., Leonard, MI

28/3/45 MacLeod Engine Q. See the two photos of
a 1? HP MacLeod, s/n 3953. The plate lists ‘Macleod’s Ltd.,
Winnipeg, Canada’ as the vendor. Can anyone advise who made the
engine, and what magneto was originally used? Any information will
be appreciated. Ted Burkey, 801 Eastridge Drive, Lincoln, NE

28/3/46 Hallicrafters Generator Q. We obtained
a PE-108A Engine-Generator set made by Hallicrafters Co. of Chicago
about 1942. Engine is a Wisconsin Model AA, but the engine is not
the problem. What we would like to have is the electrical diagram
for the generator and electrical part of the PE-108A so that we
don’t have to go through the trouble of tracing it and drawing
our own schematic. Any help will be appreciated. Kenneth L. Roland,
3205 Circle Dr NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.


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