Delco-Light System Sought

By Staff

The 2014 Gathering of the Green Conference planners have selected the theme “Preserving America’s Heritage.”

In keeping with the theme we are looking for a display of a Delco-Light System. The 32-volt system would consist of a motor-generator and the 16 glass batteries. The display might also have on display 32-volt items such as a radio, iron, vacuum cleaner, light bulbs, etc.

The Delco Units were manufactured from 1916-1947. They replaced candles, lamps and lanterns on the farmstead and were extremely popular.

If there is an owner of a complete unit willing to set up a static display (motors are not allowed to operate inside the Convention Center) at the March meeting of the Gathering of the Green Conference we would like to hear from you. There will be more than 2,000 attendees at the Conference.

Any necessary signage could be provided for the display.

Please contact Don McKinley–217-223-5099 or Marvin Huber 217-224-9250.

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