Challenger Restored

By Staff
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PO Box 202 Plymouth, Nebraska 68424

This is a picture of a 1937 Massey-Harris Challenger, serial 1
#132858, recently restored. A tractor like this was the first one I
ever operated. We found this at an Arlington, Nebraska, auction in
June 1994.

The engine was loose, so it was only a matter of cleaning out
the mouse nests, cleaning and repairing the carburetor, cleaning
and repairing the radiator, cleaning out the fuel tank, replacing
the magneto, replacing the top of the oil filter, freeing up the
clutch and a few other things to get it running. It has been
enjoyable work.

My brother Logan and I did the restoration work and we own it
together. We still need the brake covers, the PTO and the exhaust
manifold elbow.

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