An Electric What?

By Staff
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R.D. 1, Box 67 Commodore, Pennsylvania 15729

An electric hit ‘n miss! Never seen one of those
before.’ That’s the usual response I get with this motor.
Most people have never seen a motor like this, because until I came
along, there wasn’t anyone odd enough to want one!

The motor itself is from an old Jeep windshield wiper. I
extended the shafts both ways so I could mount the flywheels and
governor drive gear, which is a cut-up Briggs cam gear. The
governor is a stock Tecumseh with a B&S spool. To get the
points to work properly I had to use copper coated steel and a
magnet, because a spring would just sit and arc the points.

The flywheels were cast and machined out of aluminum. The wooden
base was made out of some scrap cherry that was lying around. I
thought the readers of GEM might be interested in this odd twist on
an old trick. Some of the good things about it are: when it’s
under load it has constant torque, and it’s easy to start by
just flicking the switch. It doesn’t use gas or have to be
filled with water either. The bad thing is the battery needs to be
charged about every six or eight hours. I’ve had it at a few
shows in the past two seasons and plan to do it again this

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