A Minibike and a Motorcycle Car I Built

By Staff
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1313 Kingsway, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 

These pictures show a minibike and a motorcycle car which I
built. The minibike was built about 22 years ago and the motorcycle
car was built five years later.

The minibike is made with a 1? HP, 2-cycle motor which was
purchased from an Army surplus store. I took it to the County Fair
and won first prize. One of the other entrants remarked that if
that little old minibike had not been entered he would have won
first prize with his entry. The bike is 16 inches tall, has eight
inch wheels with tires, and overall length is 30 inches. I can ride
this minibike and I am six feet tall!

About 15 years ago I built a motorcycle car from two Model 70
Honda motorcycles. I built a frame and tied them together. I moved
one handlebar over to the right side of the dash. It will seat two
people. My daughter upholstered the seats and the dash with
leather-like material.

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