Root and Vandervoort Registry Update

By Staff
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It has been some time since my last article in GEM so I thought it was time to update you all as to where the Root & Vandervoort registry is at.

There are now 901 registered serial numbers from surviving Root and Vandervoort engines on the registry, which is a great response from where I was 11 years ago – trying to identify a single engine I had found buried here in Australia. The register now covers six countries including USA, Australia, Argentina, United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

My book on R&V is progressing slowly, as there is so much literature to wade through, sort out and place into the correct order. At present I’m working through 9,500 computer files and a 24-inch high pile of paper work. Accuracy, not speed, is my aim with this project.

Last year, I imported a nice early 2 HP R&V vertical engine, the only one of its type here. Restoration is progressing and an article for GEM is coming soon.

In other news, I am looking for any R&V literature that GEM readers might like to share with me. I am particularly looking for a copy of the 1905 and 1908 R&V production catalogs and a manual on the vertical engines. I am prepared to pay a reasonable price for any copies or original literature or hardware. In addition, I’m also interested in any of the following:
• R&V engine manuals
• Advertisements
• Company literature and photographs
• Original sales receipts
• Stories from family members who worked at the R&V factory
• Memorabilia such as lapel pins, workers badges, payroll dockets, etc.
• Copies of the “Plant Leaves,” an R&V internal newsletter printed between 1918 and 1919.
• R&V tools, oil cans, etc.

Finally, thanks must go out to all those who have registered R&V engines and for the wonderful help that register members have given me over the last 11 years. Without you people, there would be no register, no access to reproduction parts and no help and interaction between members. Engine restoration would be a lot more difficult.

Those wishing to register their R&V engines and have them dated can do so free of charge by contacting me by e-mail or regular mail. All information sent to me is held in full confidentiality and released to no one without your permission. Peter Lowe, 16 Church Street, Maclean, 2463 Australia;


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