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Photo courtesy Drake S. Pearson
Drake S. Pearson with his collection of gas engines.

Take a quick glance at the exhibitors and attendees at gas engine shows, and it’s easy to think that this is an older person’s hobby. But take a closer look and you’ll find a growing number of younger enthusiasts, such as Drake S. Pearson. You’ll meet them in Young Iron.

Q: How long have you been collecting antique gas engines?
A: About three years.

Q: What attracted you to the hobby?
A: I went to a garage sale with my grandfather and in the back of the man’s garage there were three Hercules engines. They fascinated me, and when I got to talking to the man that owned them he tipped me off to a local show in my area.

Q: Who else in your family collects engines?
A: My grandfather and I got into the hobby together.

Q: What engines do you have in your collection?
A: 3/4 HP early Ideal lawn mower engine, Standard cream separator engine, two Maytag 92s, two Maytag Twins, Stover CT2, Maytag Upright, Briggs FH, Maytag 82, Hummer (unsure of exact HP) and a few others.

Q: What is your favorite engine in your collection?
A: My 3/4 HP Ideal lawn mower engine, mainly because it was my first hit-and-miss engine as well as my first big project.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?
A: I just got done with my 1/2 HP Maytag Upright. It was a very fun project, still haven’t gotten the stubborn thing to run quite right but it’s getting there.

Q: Which shows do you normally attend each year? What show haven’t you been to yet that you’d like to see one day?
A: I attend all my local shows. I hope to start going to some out of state. The show I would love to see one day is the Le Sueur show and swap in Minnesota.

Q: What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve come across in the hobby?
A: Space has been the biggest obstacle. There has never been enough money to buy it all but I have been able to support my habit through scrapping metal, lawn mowing and odd jobs. The older collectors have been more than helpful and supportive – I could never have gotten this far if it weren’t for their help.

Q: What are your favorite engines and why?
A: As with most I have a fondness for the hit-and-miss open crank engines. I’ve been told I have expensive taste!

Q: If money weren’t an issue, what is your dream engine to own?
A: I would love to own a New Holland of any horsepower. I like the way the hopper is completely open. I also hear they run great.

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