Is it an Indian motor?

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Can anyone identify this neat little engine? The adjuster reads, “Beamus Timer, Made in the U.S.A., Motor Specialty Co., Waltham, Mass., Pat. Sept.-Dec. 17-07, Feb.-Apr. 27-15.”
This machine was sold at the Beiler auction in New Holland, Pa., around 2000. The man I bought it from thinks the motor is from Indian Motor Cycle Co., as they sold motors to farm dealers.
The only controls are the on/off lever and a lever to the timer. Bearing down on the handles raises the drive wheel off the floor. The two-by-two upright wooden piece is latched to the cross member. It also locks in the two small wheels so they won’t turn. Pull it back, and you use it to steer the two small wheels.
Was this engine used as a pusher in some factory, as the front bumper is heavy for such a small machine? I would appreciate any information on the company that made it, as well as when and where, etc.

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