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39/12/1: Caille outboard motor.
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39/12/3: Ohio pushrod engine?
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39/12/5: Unidentified air-cooled engine has a Tillotson carburetor.

39/12/1: Outboard Motor My interests are in small gas stationary engines, but I am looking for some information on an old outboard boat motor my grandfather gave me. It is a Caille, and from what I have been able to figure out, it’s either a Model 79, 109 or 119. I’d love to hear from people with tips on getting it running and finding out what model it is. I would also like to find a copy of an owner’s manual. Eric Soya, 1317 Hall St. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49506;

39/12/2:Witte and Economy
Q: I need information on two engines. One is a throttle-governed, gas/kerosene, 3 HP Witte, serial no. 104173. Could anyone tell me its year and what color it should be? It has two grooves in the flywheels for v-belts.

The second engine is a 2-1/2 HP Economy S. It is a hit-and-miss, serial no. 349148. Again, I would like to know what year it is and what color it should be.

I also have a No. 10 C.S. Bell Co., Hillsboro, Ohio, hammer mill.

Any information would be appreciated. James Potee, 2303 Evans Ave., Valparaiso, IN 46383; (219) 462-1320.

A: Your Witte was built in 1945. Wendel’s Notebook shows DuPont no. 5204 green as the correct color. Your Hercules Economy was built in 1926. Wendel’s Notebook shows DuPont no. 1317 or 7666 green. Hercules historian Glenn Karch says the correct color is similar to the current John Deere green, but with just a hint of olive in it.

39/12/3: Information Requested I have been told this engine may be a pushrod Ohio, but don’t know for sure. It has a 7-inch bore. I need to know how the governor works. It also needs a carburetor, ignition and clutch hand pulley. I’ve had it running, but have to work the hit-and-miss by hand. I have tried to make a flyweight governor, but haven’t had much luck. Loyd Klassen, 35506 County Road 24, Vona, CO 80861; (970) 358-4376.

39/12/4: Possible Jacob Haish? I have an old hit-and-miss, no name plate, no numbers on any parts. It has ‘A B H’ molded into the side casting. I saw a picture of an engine years back that looked like it; they called it a Jacob Haish, but I don’t know if mine is one or not. It has a 4-inch bore and 5-inch stroke. The flywheels are 2 inches wide with an 18-inch diameter. The pulleys are 8-3/4-by-4-l/2-inches wide. It runs on a battery coil and igniter. I would appreciate any information I can get as to model, horsepower, age and who made it. George Peterson, 5025 Silver Creek Road N.E., Rochester, MN 55906.

39/12/5: Air-Cooled Engine Identification Could someone help me identify this air-cooled engine? It is kick-start, has a Tillotson carburetor and a mounting plate on top (for a washer?). Instead of a pulley or gear, it has a round coupler with two pegs coming out. Also, I would like to locate an air shroud for it. Thank you in advance. Luke Kissell, 1323 Tannery Road, Westminster, MD 21157; (410) 857-5213;

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