The Golden Roll

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Courtesy of John M. Hamilton, 2015 Arthur Ave., Charleston, Illinois 61920
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Courtesy of John M. Hamilton, 2015 Arthur,Ave., Charleston, Illinois 61920
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Courtesy of John M. Hamilton, 2015 Arthur Ave., Charleston, Illinois 61920
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Courtesy of John M. Hamilton, 2015 Arthur Ave., Charleston, Illinois 61920
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Courtesy of John M. Hamilton, 2015 Arthur Ave., Charleston, III.6192
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Courtesy of Col. Houston L. Herndon, Box 5363, Sarasota, Florida 33579.

The sudden death of George D. Winter, 81, occurred at his home near Pipe-stone, Minnesota on Thursday evening, May 1, 1969.

He was born, July 12, 1888 at Merrill, Iowa. He was married to Emma Block at Eagan, South Dakota July 5, 1917. He lived and farmed near Pipestone all his married life. His threshing career extended from 1905 to 1944.

After retiring from threshing he set himself the task of building scale models of his equipment. First he built a model of a Case 80 Steam Engine (1? inch to the foot), which occupied three years of his spare time. When he had completed that he built a Water Wagon to the same scale. Finally he set about to build a model Case 36 x 58 grain Separator, to which he devoted another three years of spare time.

He was a member of the Gas and Steamers of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and of the Prairie Village Historical Society, Madison, South Dakota.

Although he had completely lost the ability to hear, he never lost his love for his God and fellowman, and demonstrated his loving concern by active participation and activity.


Be quiet and listen … I’m hearing a dream;

That voice of the past. .. the giant of steam.

The pulse of the power . . . Under control

Where lumbering wheels .. . Are beginning to roll.

The whir of the belt. . . The engine’s sure stroke;

I’m smelling again … That heavy, black smoke.

The whistle is blowing … A sizzle of steam.

Be quiet and listen . . . I’m hearing a dream.

Courtesy of Helen Virden from Old Threshers Handbook.

Leroy Delockery, 330 East Jackson, Morris, Illinois is shown here with his very fine restored Kewanee engine. This one made was by the Kewanee Water Supply Company, Kewanee, Illinois. It was used from 1910 to 1926 near Morris to supply water for a home. This engine was shown at Pontiac.


The appointment of Philip J. Sample as a Vice President of Ajax Iron Works was announced here today by Al Pilz, President.

Sample has been serving as Director of Manufacturing at the Ajax headquarters plant in Corry, Pennsylvania. As Vice President, he will have full direction of all manufacturing activities and facilities for Ajax. Ajax is a designer and builder of continuous heavy duty two-cycle engines, reciprocating plunger pumps, and a broad line of gas and air compressors. The company is an autonomous operating division of its parent corporation, Cooper Industries.

A native of Corry, Pennsylvania, Sample joined Ajax in 1948. He was promoted to Chief Industrial Engineer in 1950, Assistant Works Manager in 1959 and in 1966 he was appointed to the position of Manager of Manufacturing at the Corry plant. He became Director of Manufacturing in 1968. Prior to his affiliation with Ajax. Sample held a number of industrial engineering assignments and, in World War II, he served in the United States Army with the Amphibious Engineer Corps.

Shown here is Albert Stodden, Sigel, Illinois and his IHC Famous 2? hp. gas engine, serial number GA628T. This engine was found in the town of Mattoon and was in running condition. The previous owner brought it from the farm to town, This engine was shown at a Lincoln Heritage Trail Gas-Up.

John Tichenor, who I am sure many of you will recognize, since he has attended many of the shows this summer, is selling his miniature toy tractors. Here, he is showing one of his engine to an interested spectator. The engine is a Hercules, 5 hp. This engine was shown at a Lincoln Heritage Trail Gas-Up. John is on the left.

At Pontiac, Illinois there was a miniature gas engine that ran for four days without a miss. The owner, Fred Badten, Dyer, Indiana is shown on the right explaining to an interested spectator how it works. Mr. Badten has over 300 hours in this model. Should we figure this time at $2.00 an hour?

John Tichenor, Charleston, Illinois is shown starting an IHC Type M 10 hp. for his friends. This engine did its last work about three or four years ago at the Amish Community near Arthur, Illinois. John has the original manual that came with the engine. This engine is as shown at the Lincoln Heritage Trail Gas Engine Association’s picnic in September.

Also running is John’s side-shaft 4 hp. Mogul gas engine. This engine also came from the Amish community near Arthur, Illinois. The engine runs well and is easy to start.

Gas engines all over the place, ? to 32 hp. at the Florida Gas and Steam Engine Round-Up. See them February 7th and 8th, 1970.

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