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ANDY IHRKE, 67. of Zumbrota, Minnesota, died September 15,1977 at the Community Hospital. He was a long time steam engine and gas engine enthusiast, attending many shows. He was also a hobbyist, having made miniature steam engines of farm wagons, covered wagons stage coaches or carts, hand-braided ropes and many other articles. He also had a large collection of antiques and gas engines. He will be sadly missed by all. His many items will be sold at an auction sometime in 1978. Andy enjoyed the Gas Engine Magazine very much.Submitted by Mrs. Edna Ihrke, 605 Pearl Street, Zumbrota, Minnesota (wife).

FRANK TRIPLETT, 67, of Boone, North Carolina died October 30, 1977 at the Watauga County Hospital following a brief illness. He was a Christian and a very good witness for Christ. His devotion to church, family and friends was something that will always be remembered by those that knew and loved him. He was a machinist, and during the early 1950’s invented the equalizer tandem for trucks. After retirement, he collected and restored gasoline engines. Many of you met him with his 6 HP Hopper cooled ‘Mogul’ at Portland, Indiana and at Denton and Jamestown, North Carolina. To Frank friendships were more important that the riches of the world.Submitted by Raymond Scholl, Sugar Grove, North Carolina 28679

AUBREY DAY, died November 9. He did truly enjoy every magazine that he received and I still have every one and he often read a lot of the older ones over again.Submitted by Mrs. Aubrey Day, Robards, Kentucky 42452.

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