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FRANK W. STARK, Billings, Missouri passed away February 13, 1978 at the age of 78. For many years he had threshed, hulled clover and graded roads with steam in and around the Billings area. In later years, he used gas tractors but never lost his love for steam.

At the time of his death, he owned a 20-40 Model G Oil Pull and a 20 HP Advance Rumely steam engine.

He was a charter member of the Ozark Steam Engine Association, Springfield, Missouri and he enjoyed all engine shows very much and made as many as his health would permit.

Dad was a retired farmer and businessman, having been the dealer for John Deere equipment and Belle City threshers.

He enjoyed all steam engine magazines and had a complete collection of the Iron-Men Album.

Lovingly submitted by his family.

LLOYD B. PAHLMAN of Charity Acres Farm, Easton, Maryland, passed away at Easton Memorial Hospital on March 28, 1978, at the age of 73.

Mr. Pahlman worked as a mechanic in his early life. In the early 1930s he founded the Talbot Lumber Manufacturing Company, a sawmill operation, which he still headed at the time of his death.

In the late 1940s, he expanded into agriculture, forming Pahlman Farm Enterprises, and was president of this corporation.

Mr. Pahlman was a charter member and vice president of the Eastern Shore Threshermen’s Association. During the show he operated the sawmill and used his double cylinder Frick steam engine for wheat threshing.

He also displayed his Titan gas tractors and 1926 Dodge car, and took part in many other activities of the association.

In addition, he used his steam engine to power the wheat threshing at the annual Delaware State Fair.

Each September Mr. Pahlman held a threshing bee on his farm in Easton. He will be greatly missed by his family and his many friends.

Submitted by James C. Frampton, 114 Prospect Avenue, Easton, Maryland 21601.

CARL HENRY NETZLER of Billings, Missouri passed away November 14, 1977 at the age of 73. He was a member of Branch 16 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association and the Ozark Steam Engine Association of Springfield, Missouri and was very active in both clubs up to the time of his death. He was always ready to do his share to put on a show.

Carl owned several gas tractors and gas engines at the time of his death, and he will be greatly missed.

Submitted by Charles A. Stark, Route 2, Box 167A, Republic, Missouri 65738.

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