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WESLEY SCHWERDT, 70, or Warrenton, Missouri, passed away very suddenly of a heart attack on November 21, 1983 at his home.

Wesley did farm work, ran his sawmill and worked in a factory until 1949 when he opened Wes’ Blacksmith Shophe operated for many years and still owned at the time of his death. After he closed his shop to the public, he became very interested in antique tractors (especially John Deere) and gas engines. He had a wonderful collection of tractors and engines. He was always in parades around the area with one of his John Deere tractors and a trailer load of engines. Wesley went to nearly all the shows for miles around. The past year or so, he had problems walking a lot because of his hip. Last fall, just after the show season, he had hip surgery so he would be ready to go for next year’s shows.

Wesley was President of the Old Time Machinery Show at Warrenton, Missouri.

He will be missed by everyone at his home and at all the shows he attended. He helped a lot of people with problems with antique machinery.

Submitted by David Wilmsmeyer, Warrenton, Missouri.

H. RAY MARK, 82, of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, died February 15, 1984 from a severe stroke.

He was very active in the Nittany Antique Machinery Association, Centre Hall. He held the office of Director for many years, and was chairman of the Flea Market since the show started. As chairman of the Annual Spring Banquet, had had made all arrangements for this year.

He was an antique enthusiast who had collected a full line of Maytag engines as well as other engines and models. He also owned some fine antique automobiles and was a member of the Antique Automobile Club of America and many regional clubs. He had attained the level of Master judge.

He will be sadly missed by the many members and friends he made throughout the years.

Submitted by Harrison Grove, jr., Secretary, Nittany Antique Machinery Association.

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