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WILMER A. TALBERT, 76, of Minden, Nebraska passed away January 5, 1983 after a short bout with cancer.

He was an avid farmer, thresherman and repairman. In later years, he was involved in dirt contracting. When threshing no longer was a livelihood, it continued as a hobby. Wilmer and sons and grandsons demonstrated threshing and other phases of old-time farming for the enjoyment of many. The family had rebuilt many threshing machines and tractors-the favorite being a 25-45 Case.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by Arden Talbert, Minden, Nebraska 68959.

On January 10, 1983, JOSEPH BALOG of Romulus, Michigan passed away. Born in 1918, he grew up on a farm during the steam age. He became interested in gas engines and steam tractors as a boy-a fascination he never outgrew. He was an avid collector with many gas engines, steam boilers and Port Hurons. He worked as a mechanic for a nearby school district until his retirement.

My first encounter with ‘Dad Balog’ was at a nearby event. He would bring his Port Huron to a community event or political rally. Fired up, the Port Huron and Mr. Balog would cook corn and sausage for the crowds. Many political figures and residents of Southeastern Michigan enjoyed this fine treat. So impressed with the man and his engine, I became and engine fanatic, too.

Always eager to help someone with their engine, Joseph will be sadly missed.

Submitted by his friend, Greg Brown, Walla Walla, Washington 99362.

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