The Gold Country Fair in Auburn, California

By Staff
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Mike Nevius from Grass Valley brought his mining display. He has a 6 HP Fairbanks belted to a Fairbanks-Typhoon water pump that runs the Pelton water wheel and that powers the stamp mill rock crusher, air compressor and DC generator for light.
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Ron Ludford's 6 HP Fairbanks was crushing rock, the 4 HP Fuller & Johnson was crushing it smaller and the 1 Fairbanks headless turned it to dust for panning. Craig Barton's 6 HP Associated kept the cool air moving with a #6 Champion blower.
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Dave Nord's collection of Farmalls, a 1937-F12, 1948 Cub, 1936 F12 on iron and the 1936 F12 that's farm fresh. Dave's wife let him bring her 1913 2 HP hopper-cooled Famous that never missed a beat all weekend.
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Bill Santos' 1920 Moline Universal tractor, model D, was a big hit along with Bill Santos Jr.'s 1918 Holt 45. After his dad gave it a valve adjustment on site, it purred like a big kitten.
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Jason Ludford's Cat 10 and his Cat 30 with its five-day-old paint job were the first things to greet everyone when they came in the gate.

3007 Twin Creeks Lane, Rocklin, California 95677

My dad (Glenn Crockett, Jr.) and I had our 2HP Famous, 2? E
Economy, 1 HP Fairbanks Jack Jr., Fuller and Johnson pump engine.
Buck Hay, of Newcastle, let us borrow his 1906 10 HP International
on its original horse-drawn cart. Jack Garrison had his 8 HP Stover
minus saw rig running nice and slow.

After a break last year, some of the local members of Branch 13
brought out some of their treasures for the local fair, on
September 10-13. The weather was great, attendance was up, and we
had the biggest crowd ever. People crowded around the displays all
weekend. We all had a great time and talked with lots of nice
people. We are looking forward to next year.

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