By Staff

There’s lots of color in this issue, and we hope you like
it. Our advertising manager, Judy Whiteside, attended the large
George Archer auction held this spring, and brought back lots of
good pictures of some of the rare and unusual engines that were
sold there. Judy will again be selling books and subscriptions (and
t-shirts and hats!) at the large and well known Tri-State Antique
Show in Portland, Indiana, late in August. If you get your magazine
before the show and you’ll be attending, be sure to stop by and
say hello!

There are two small items in this issue about engine and part
theft. This seems to be a growing problem for collectors, so beware
that there may be others out there coveting your treasures! Just as
the day of the unlocked car and the open back screen door are
coming, sadly, to an end, so may you need to take more precautions
with your barns and garages.

If your club has been out of our directory for a couple of
years, you may receive a mailing from us asking for updated
information. If so, please respond, it is very helpful in keeping
our lists up-to-date! And enjoy all the early fall shows and

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