By Staff

Only room for a couple of comments this month. First, our
advertising department has made a request that advertisers who
submit photos would be better served if they do not try to crop
them with a scissor! If you need to indicate the cropping, it is
fine to do so either by describing in words or tracing the picture
and indicating on a drawing where you want to zero in on a subject
matter. Too often, the photos that have been cut by hand are not
quite ‘square,’ and give our printer no leeway in
positioning your sale items. Thank you for your consideration in
this matter!

Also, we received a letter from a subscriber who was not at all
happy with a story which appeared in a previous issue. Since we
make every effort NOT to censor material that is submitted (unless
it is clearly unsuitable or unrelated to the gas engine or tractor
collecting hobby), if you are unhappy with an article you see, do
tell the author, as well.

It’s not too late to order a show directory, and the events
listed go into early 1998, so it will still be useful, even

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