By Staff

Hard to believe, but it’s almost time for us to send our
solicitations out to club and show contacts for listings and ads
for the 1999 Steam & Gas Engine Show Directory, our 25th
edition. If you are one of those contacts, please let us know if
you have changed your address recently, or if you have turned over
those responsibilities to someone else in your group. It’s a
big help to us if we get the packages sent to the right people the
first time!

One of our Kansas subscribers wrote recently to share a concern
with our readers. Apparently the man had sent self-addressed
stamped envelopes to a couple of GEM advertisers requesting price
lists as noted in their ads. He didn’t receive the lists as
requested, and asks us to advise our advertisers that when such
offers are made, they should be fulfilled.

As I write this letter, we’ve just completed our new book
catalog, and there are quite a few new books in it. If you’d
like to receive one, just send us a 32 cent stamp and a request
that we send one out to you, and you’ll get it right away.

I hope you enjoy this issue; there’s a lot of color in it,
and some really interesting stories. The Ford Tractor story by
Reynold Wik should be of interest to many readers who may be
completely unfamiliar with this ill-fated manufacturer. Lou Ann
Peternell’s story about the disaster at the Albany, Minnesota,
showgrounds was very distressing to read, and a real reminder of
the power of nature. Enjoy your reading!

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