By Staff

Greetings, friends! First things first this month-we must
apologize to Mr. Larry Holderman, whose Jaeger engine appeared on
the September cover. We missed putting the accompanying story in
the body of the magazine. We apologize as well to all those readers
who searched in vain for the story. It does appear (we promise!) in
this issue, on page 8. Sorry to all!

I guess mistakes are bound to happen, especially during those
last hectic moments when the magazine is being readied to go out
the door to the printer. I hope we haven’t made any major
slip-ups this month, as we’re working extra quickly so that we
can get out of the offices early and go visit with our friends at
the Rough & Tumble Reunion in nearby Kinzers, Pa. It’s
always a pleasure to get out and see everyone’s equipment in
action, and to chat with our loyal readers.

Now that fall has arrived and show season is slowing down a
little, it would be a good time to write up your show reports,
while the memories are still fresh. We look forward to hearing from

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