By Staff

We heard from a couple of subscribers recently, whose exhibits
had been turned away from a show that ‘specialized’ in one
particular engine make, and wanted only engines of that
manufacturer. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding, and the
would-be exhibitors felt quite upset at having driven a long way
with their engines only to be denied exhibition space. Since all
parties to the misunderstanding are readers and supporters of this
magazine, it is our wish to remain out of their dispute. However,
we would advise advertisers that you be specific if you wish only
to have a particular manufacturer’s (or manufacturers’)
engines at your show. As for exhibitors, it is probably a good idea
to make some kind of contact with a new organization if you’re
heading in to exhibit for the first time.

We want to remind you that we are continuing the Ruston Hornsby
story by Ken Evans that we began in our last issue, when it was the
cover story. Also, we are beginning another two part story this
time on Lauson engines, by Mac Sine. We hope our readers will enjoy
these longer, more in-depth stories, and we have added more story
pages to accommodate them.

Since this is the November issue in a presidential election
year, I am honor bound to remind all Americans to vote on election
day this year. Remember, every vote counts, and we should all
exercise our privilege to go to the polls and make a

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