By Staff

November a month when we give thanks for the bounty and
blessings we have enjoyed throughout the past year. Sometimes it
may be difficult to imagine ourselves as blessed, especially when
we’ve suffered property or crop damage from such disasters as
this summer’s flooding, but we must look for a silver lining!
If nothing else, remember that we have been blessed with the gift
of life!

This is also the time of year when we start preparations for the
holiday season. Some of you may have started earlier and are all
finished with your shopping by now, but for those of you who
aren’t that organized or ambitious, remember that gifts from
the Stemgas book catalog are always welcomed by your collector
friends and family. You may charge your order on a credit card by
phone, but perhaps the simplest way to order is to fill out the
catalog order form and either send a check for the total amount, or
fill in your credit card number and expiration date on the order
blank. If certain books you’ve ordered are out of stock,
we’ll refund that portion of your payment. Order early for best
selection and timely delivery!

Our subscription department reminds you that, if your magazine
seems to be late, you should wait until the first day of the issue
month to let us know. Before that, we can’t consider the
mailing as late. The magazines all leave Lancaster at the same
time, on or about the seventh of the month. After that, the U.S.
Postal Service has three weeks, according to second class mail
regulations, to get the magazine to you.

By now, the directory packets are on their way to show and club
contacts. If your show wasn’t listed in last year’s
directory, please let us know and we’ll get a packet out right
away, so that you’re not missed this time around! Please send
your directory information (for both advertising and free listings)
back as quickly as possible nobody likes to be swamped right at
deadline time!

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