By Staff

Spring is finally on its way, and we’re all breathing a bit
easier around here since our 2000 Directory has come and gone from
the printer, and by now most copies are distributed. If you
haven’t ordered one yet, be sure to do so! There are a couple
of changes in dates in the directory, so do read the display ad in
this and forthcoming issues detailing the changes. Of special note
is our error on the ad for Waukee Swap Meet, a large and well known
event, which will be held May 24-27.

One of our readers called to ask whether we knew of any way he
could get bank checks with engine images on them. Today, there are
so many check styles available, perhaps someone knows of engine
and/or tractor checks and can guide us to a source. If you DO have
such information, please jot a note to Judy Whiteside in our
advertising department, so she can pass it along.

By now we have received a lot of our show advertising for our
summer issues, but a reminder might be helpful! Don’t wait too
long to send in your ads for the upcoming issues, because for many
clubs, there are only a few issues left before show time!

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