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Awhile back, we had a little item on a self propelled lawn mower, which had never quite developed into a widely used piece of equipment. Floyd Lindahl of Minneapolis, Minnesota, wrote again to tell us that Time Magazine had an article about a solar powered lawn mower in their digital supplement of the December 1, 1997 issue. ‘Seems like there is some homework still to do on this machine,’ Floyd wrote, ‘the first ones didn’t do all the salesmen stated they could do. Love them salesmen!’ Floyd also wondered whether a self-control snow remover was to be had!

Another subscriber wrote to say that he would like to see more tractor coverage, so tractor owners, don’t be discouraged, just send us your stories!

A third subscriber wrote to suggest that we publish a list of e-mail addresses at some point, so if you want to send us your e-mail address for publication we could do this periodically at our web site. If this idea interests you, let us know by sending us an e-mail at Our Internet web page has now been relocated to STEMGAS.COM to make it easier for you to find us, so do visit.

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