By Staff

As I write this letter, our community, like so many others, is
digging its way out of the ‘Blizzard of ’93.’ Yes, some
things change, and some remain the same. Being snowed in takes us
back to a time before computers and fax machines and 4-wheel drive
cars, and it’s a nice break from routine.

However, this is the May issue, and attention will be turning
towards auctions and swap meets by the time you read this. If you
haven’t yet ordered your 1993 Steam and Gas Show Directory, I
must advise you to get one soon, as we aren’t expecting to have
many left over this year!

One of our readers wrote to ask us what size diskettes we can
accept for those of you who write your stories on a home computer.
We are now able to accept either 5′ diskettes or 3′ ones.
Our system is made up of IBM clones, and we layout our pages with a
program called Ventura Publisher. The layout program accepts
numerous word processing programs, but please specify what program
and which version your copy has been typed in, and include a
printout in case of incompatibility!

Just a word on our upcoming tour of England response has been
terrific, and we expect the trip to be filled to its two bus
capacity by departure time. Our travelers seem to be an
enthusiastic lot, judging from the many conversations Mary Ann
Nielsen has had with them, and the trip is anticipated with great

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