By Staff

Now that the month of May is fast approaching, spring is in the
air and our readers begin moving out of the workshop and off to the
swap meets and auctions. We hope that you all make some good
‘finds’ this season and we encourage you to write about
your experiences!

In the Reflector’s column this month, Mr. Wendel has
something to say about the response he gets from readers when they
are in disagreement with an item that appears in his column or
elsewhere in the magazine. Sometimes, these letters are, to say the
least, unpleasant! I think it is important to emphasize, again,
that GEM is an open forum for its readers. We do not correct
articles for substance, nor do we research their contentions for

We rely on our readers to pursue the truth and to air their
differences. I would ask that in the interest of remaining open to
all who make the effort to write or to submit previously published
information they find worthy, that our critics present their
opinions to our authors, and/or to us in a friendly fashion!

Recently, I received a letter from a subscriber who decried the
fact that he never gets a thank you for the efforts he makes in
answering others’ questions. ‘A hobby is to be shared,’
he wrote, ‘and the success of all shows lies in the cooperation
of everyone.’

We wish all of you success, and hope that the wonderful spirit
of cooperation that has so long been a part of engine collecting
will continue!

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