By Staff

As we put out our March issue each year, we are always nearing
completion of our Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory.
This year marks the 27th edition, a whole new compilation of
incredibly useful information! It is always remarkable how much
changes, and yet, how much remains the same! There will be many new
shows, new contacts, and even new locations. At the same time, many
of the contact people are there year in and out, providing the
friendly information that makes traveling and attending the shows a
lot easier for everyone. Hopefully, by the time you receive this
issue, the Directory will be at the printer, getting ready to go
into the mail!

Speaking of the Directory reminds me to say a little about the
mission of GEM and of Stemgas Publishing. We definitely
see ourselves as a catalyst for communication among the many
individuals and organizations involved in the engine collecting
hobby. We remind everyone that complaints among and between these
various factions are best directed to those responsible, not to us!
If you are badly treated by someone(s) in your engine activities,
please direct your criticism to those involved.

Another reminder about our new e-mail system, in case you missed
it last month. If you have an inquiry about your subscription,
please direct it to Advertising inquiries
should go to, and editorial questions to We understand the efficiency of e-mail as a
tool of communication, and we’ll be happy to respond to your
inquiries hopefully in a timely fashion!

Because the Post Office has granted a very hefty increase in air
mail rates, especially to our subscribers outside the hemisphere,
we have had to significantly increase our rates for those of you
who have these special subscriptions. Fortunately, we were able to
hold the line for first class U.S. subscribers, and have had to
raise the Canadian air mail subscription rate only slightly.

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