By Staff

The big news around here right now is the size of the 1999
Directory! It looks as though this one will be well over three
hundred pages, as we have had a great response again this year. All
told, we should have about 1,100 shows listed when we’ve sent
the book to printer.

We sent our advertising ‘packages’ out to show contacts
for seasonal advertising early in January. These packets help those
responsible for placing a club’s ads to know what is needed
when, cost, etc. If you are someone who needs one of these packages
and you haven’t received it, please feel free to call, write
(or even e-mail!) our advertising department.

We got a nice letter recently, from a subscriber who was
grateful for the network of contacts he had developed in the gas
engine world. He is the owner of an unusual engine, and saw a
picture of a similar one in the magazine. This led him to the show
organizers, who came through with the address of the individual
owner. The owner gave him the name of another man in a distant
state (Texas), who had given him a lot of help.

The Texan went out of his way to help, sending drawings and even
actual parts to be copied. The only reason we haven’t used
names here, is because this is a story that we hear over and over,
about the kind and helpful nature of collectors, and their
willingness in so many cases to help strangers, often distant

What a great bunch of people!

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