By Staff

We’ve received a couple of interesting calls this month.
First, Jack Edwards of 1067 E. Bradley, El Cajon, CA 92021 called
inquiring about liability insurance for tractors. He knows all
about the group liability policies for shows and parades that cover
him during these activities, but is having a hard time getting an
answer about short trips off the farm that he might take on his
tractor. His insurance agent apparently can’t give him a good
clear answercan anybody else?

A reader called to complain that there are too many tractors in
the magazine, and he’d like to see fewer tractors on the cover
and fewer stories about tractors. He also suggested that we do more
stories about individual collectors around the country. GEM has
served gas engine and tractor collecting since its inception.
We’d like to encourage our stationary engine collectors to send
us more stories, if you think you’re receiving inadequate
coverage, and let us know if there are specific collectors we ought
to go out and interview in your area. Please write to us whenever
you have a complaint or suggestion and we’ll give it our full
consideration. Save yourself a stamp and jot us a note to enclose
with your next renewal envelope.

Finally, a note about advertisers. Sometimes our advertisers
don’t fill their orders as quickly as some of you would like.
We’d like to suggest that you give them a chance to do their
job before jumping to the conclusion that something is awry. If
after an unreasonable wait you haven’t heard from them, let
them know either in writing or by phone what your beef is, and send
us a copy. If we see a pattern of complaints, we always do our best
to encourage an advertiser to improve performance. Please remember,
though, it is the advertiser who is responsible to you to deliver
what he has promised. And do remember that we’re all
humansometimes businesses with the greatest integrity make mistakes
or lose orders.

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