By Staff

All over the country, children are celebrating the end of their
school year. Thousands of young engine enthusiasts are now free to
attend the many swaps, shows and auctions with their parents and
friends. Engine collectors perform a valuable service in the
education of young people when they demonstrate the powers of the
past. In this, the ‘information age,’ there is much to
understand about how simple tasks were accomplished in years gone

We had a couple of changes to shows in our directory, which we
published in our May issue. These changes appear again in this
issue, and we’re pleased to report that there have been no
additional revisions thus far. However, if there are changes, you
will find them in future issues of GEM and IMA.

Mr. Wendel has returned from his recent trip to Australia, and
we look forward to having him back on the Reflections Column next
month. We also look forward to hearing what engine sights he and
his group have found on the other side of the world.

To our subscribers in the Red River Valley, our thoughts are
with those of you who might be affected by the high water in that
part of the country.

Remember to display your flag on Flag Day, coming up on June

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