By Staff

Soon, June will be ‘bustin’ out all over,’ we
presume, and Flag Day celebrations will begin! Our young
subscribers will be pouring out of schoolhouse doors, ready to go
out and get greasy at engine shows! There are lots of auctions to
attend, so we are hoping there will be a whole new raft of
restoration stories as engines held in private collections for many
years at last change hands to new owners. Don’t forget that
YOUR story will be interesting to your fellow collectors, just as
news of YOUR show will be!

We still have copies of our 2000 Show Directory available for
sale, so do order one if you haven’t already. We have had lots
of nice compliments about the book, now 336 pages. Accept no
substitutes-ours is the ‘original article’ and still the
most useful and complete!

So, enjoy yourself as the bigger club gatherings and reunions
begin, and be sure to think of us, especially when you see rare

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