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First, we have a couple of corrections on our April issue.
Number 1 is on a show report of the South Lakes Agricultural Club.
The photo on the top of page 11 in that issue was not taken by Mark
Corson (author of the article), but by another club member two
years earlier. Number 2 has to do with the cover of the same issue.
Unfortunately, we failed to mention that the restored 44-6 Massey
Harris tractor next to Harold Pohl’s model belongs to Roger
Schnell of 1243 Rock Road, Franklin Grove, Illinois 61031.

Next, we received a letter from Reg and Margaret Ingold,
subscribers from Australia, who wrote last year asking to meet
fellow enthusiasts on a trip to the U.S. last summer. The Ingolds
were able to meet with seven collectors and their wives, which made
their trip so much more enjoyable. ‘They fed us, entertained
us, gave us accommodation, took us to a show, fixed me up with
parts I really needed and gave us both new friendships for which we
are both grateful and honored to receive.’ Reg goes on to say
that it occurs to him that ‘if more people ‘played with old
engines’ the world would be a much better place to live
in.’ We’re happy that the Ingolds received such a wonderful
response from our readers.

Another subscriber, Carl Shafer, echoed the Ingold’s letter
when he let us know what an excellent response he’d had to a
classified ad. ‘I believe that the subscribers are some of the
finest people on earth,’ he said, ‘Each caller was very
friendly and had time to tell how proud he was to be into the Old
Iron we all love so dearly.’ We concur.

Alert! Be sure to study our Coming Events section carefully this
month. There are several shows that have changed their dates from
what was printed in the 1992 Directory, or in previous issues of
GEM. We don’t want anyone to miss a show by arriving on the
wrong date! There also location changes and a cancellation (Valley
Historical Engine Association in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania).

You should also note Glenn Karch’s Hercules article on page
38; this is the first in a continuing series on Hercules which Mr.
Karch has agreed to write for us.

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