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First off, we’d like to recognize the first charter
EDGE&TA Hall of Fame Inductees: They are Paul Reno of Oakland,
California, and Duncan Seawright, of Meridian, Texas. Reno and
Seawright were inducted into the Hall of Fame in April 1999.
Congratulations! And thank you, Dale Fry, for keeping us

We still have copies of our 1999 Show Directory, so do order one
if you haven’t already. We send them out by Priority Mail and
you get them in just two or three days. Since we’ve added early
show dates for 2000 (January and February, primarily) you’ll
find the book useful well into the fall.

Well, this is our June issue, and ‘show time’ is now in
full force, so please send us your show reports! And if you’re
trying to decide just which engines or tractors to photograph, try
to find the more unusual ones, or the ones you think stand out from
the crowd. This makes good publicity for your show for next

Then again, maybe you have a treasure trove in your attic (or
desk drawer or old filing cabinet somewhere) that you might like to
share, like the material we received from Kenneth Schafer that
appears in this issue. Joe Graham found some material in an antique
shop, and Douglas Brookhart and Dwight Babcock furnished some good
historical photos. We are enormously grateful to those who have
contributed content to this and every issue ofGEM.
We’re always looking for good stories and pictures to share
with our readers.

Enjoy the shows, and maybe pick up a pen and write a story. Or
sit down in front of your computer, as more and more of you do, and
perform some keyboard artistry!

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