By Staff

It’s July. It’s hot. It’s humid. Not right now, of
course, as I’m writing this in early May, but I’m thinking
ahead to what we’ll be experiencing by the time you have this
issue in hand. I’m thinking ice cream, I’m thinking
lemonade, I’m thinking swimming hole. And of course, I’m
hoping that the corn will be ‘knee high by the Fourth of
July.’ Is that an expression you use in your part of the
country? Around here, it’s a way to gauge how well the crop is

Lots of folks head for the beach this time of year, while some
just stay at home to ‘surf the ‘Net.’ If you’re one
of the latter and have had trouble finding us, that’s because
we misprinted our E-mail address (a lot of this technology is new
to us too!). The correct address is: gas. If what you tried
before didn’t work, please try us again!

For those of you interested in EDGE&TA affairs who read
Charley Stark’s comments on page 28 of the May 1996 issue, we
must let you know that we misread his abbreviation for Arkansas as
Arizona, and put the wrong state name in. Branch #70 is located in
Prairie Grove, Arkansas, just south of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and
the Southeast Regional Show will be hosted by Branch #32 in
Clarksville, Arkansas, from September 27-29. We apologize to the
members of EDGE&TA, and especially to the members of chapters
#32 and #70, for the mixup.

Silver Queen, Io’ Chief, Butter & Sugar. . . mmmmm!
I’m dreaming of the ripening sweet corn crop. Here’s
wishing you lots of buttery smiles this month!!

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