By Staff

Well, GEM readers, you’ve certainly got your work cut out
for you this month this issue is 120 pages long, our biggest ever!!
Everyone worked extra hard, and we even managed to get things to
the printer a day early. Of course, now the staff wants me to treat
them to a lunchtime party, which, in light of their efforts, I
think I’ll do!

Our subscription department has a few tips to help you prevent
delays in your magazine delivery. First, renew your subscription
right away when you receive the advance renewal notice we send you.
If you put it off and use the renewal form in the magazine itself,
chances are you could miss a month or two of GEM. Second, the U.S.
Postal Service is finally getting serious about the ZIP+4 system.
In order for our mailing house to assign you the correct nine-digit
zip code (and for you to get your magazine as quickly as possible),
we must have the address the post office has assigned you. For
years you may have been using a rural route and rural box as your
address, but recently the post office has probably given you a more
specific road or street address; that’s the one we need to
assure you the speediest delivery. We don’t like mailing delays
any more than you do, so let’s work together to prevent

We’ve received a nice letter from subscriber Carl Carlsen of
Lake Stevens, Washington, in which he suggests we solicit more
input from all the model builders out there. He states, ‘I know
you can’t print articles if you don’t get them from
us,’ and he’d like to see contributions from model builders
who are ‘in construction on some particular project, detailing
their problems, solutions, expertise, or whatever.’ He’d
also like to see perhaps a series of short pieces chronicling the
completion of a particular engine, each covering a certain phase of
construction, as well as more items sent for Wendel’s
‘Modelmakers Corner’ in the Reflections column. We
couldn’t agree more, and welcome you to submit such articles
for publication.

Being part of the engine world connects you to so many others
across the globe. Our hearts go out to any of our readers who have
been affected by the tragic circumstances in Oklahoma City. Our
thoughts are with you all.

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