By Staff

Well, we’re another year closer to the turn of the century,
and the new millennium! Whether you feel the year 2000 is the
ending point or the starting point of the new era, we hope
you’re gearing up for a big celebration. Isn’t it an
exciting prospect to think that our lives will cross such a
threshold on the timeline of history ?

And speaking of history, the December 15 deadline for sending
your club’s show dates and information for the 1998 Steam &
Gas Engine Show Directory has most likely become history at about
the time you’re reading this. If you’re the contact for
your organization and haven’t sent those directory listing
forms back to us, get on the stick! Once production begins on this
book, we don’t waste any time getting it to the printer, so
we’ll need to hear from you very soon if you want to be

As I write this message to you, late on a mid-November
afternoon, I’m hearing comments around the office about how
dark it is outside for being so early in the day. We’re also
experiencing the cold, drizzly rain of our first official
‘winter storm.’ No snow for us this time seems like
we’re always right on the line between snow and rain, in that
belt of what they call ‘mixed precipitation,’ which can be
loosely translated as ‘a big sloppy mess.’ The coming
months will probably be filled with days like this, providing
plenty of time to stay indoors and enjoy working on hobbies. Not
wishing you bad weather, but sometimes it’s nice to be forced
indoors to play, with no guilt about letting outdoor chores go.
Hope you find plenty of time to work on your old iron, getting it
all shined up for those spring gas-ups! While you’re at it in
your workshops, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of
these restorations, and write up a story to share with your fellow
GEM readers!

All the best to all of you from all of us!!

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