By Staff

If you are our contact person for your organization’s show,
it’s time to send your forms back for the 1996 show directory!
When you receive this magazine, the deadline (December 15) will
probably be in the past, so you’ll have to be hasty! Don’t
forget that we do have a FAX line, at 717-392-1341 to help you in
those last minute efforts to get us your information.

Also on the subject of the Directory, we’ll soon be sending
out our flyer to those of you who have ordered copies in the past.
Please remember that although you send your forms back in January,
the Directories aren’t ready to be mailed until March, so
you’ll have to be patient!

Once again, we’ll be carrying our index to our 1995 issues
in the February issue. It turns out there’s just not quite
enough time to get it completed in time for our January edition, so
we’ll count on having it appear in February each year.

Our book catalog is available if you’re interested just send
us a 32 cent stamp and we’ll send one to you right away.

With this issue, we begin the thirty-first year of publication
for GEM, and we wish all of our loyal readers and advertisers a
delightful new year!

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