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We have a few pleas from our subscribers this month, on two
subjects. The first has to do with a robbery. Harold Haskins of
Auburn, New York, has long had a Case Eagle in the family, as his
father had been a Case dealer. The 250 pound statue has the eagle
perched on the globe with the CASE logo on the front. The 5-foot
high cast iron emblem has long graced Hoskins’ farm in Aurelius
where it sat in front of a two-bay garage. A neighbor had painted
the eagle in vivid lifelike colors about a year ago, and it was
routinely brought inside during the winter. If YOU see it
somewhere, please call Hoskins at 315-252-0043. He is offering a
$500 reward for information leading to the eagle’s

Other subscribers have written in search of additional stories.
One fairly new subscriber tell us that although we may have covered
all kinds of information in years gone by, ‘it’s time to
start all over again for us new folks. Things like advice on
freeing up a rusted stuck engine; what to do if you need new
babbitt bearings; general magneto operation, theory and repair, how
to build a buzz box ignition, and the list could go on and on.’
Another reader says, ‘what we want is more photos and questions
regarding newly found equipment. Most of all we want to read of old
equipment finds and restoration of same.’

This should be encouraging to those of you with expertise in the
above areas, or those who have new finds you could share.

We should point out one more thing, which is that Donald
Siefker’s annual index of the previous year appears in this
issue. Don always does a thorough and prompt job on the indexing,
and we know that it is very helpful to our readers to have a
‘built in resource’ such as this each year in GEM.
Thank you, Don!

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