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Finally we have completed our revisions on the second edition of
Dave Baas’ Vintage Garden Tractors, which will be available by
the time you read this. Dave got a lot of response from all of you
when we published the first edition, and now he has added
considerably to that original. The new book is 80 pages and
contains numerous additional manufacturers not included first time
around. It’s very reasonably priced at just $11.00 postpaid-see
the ad on page 31 for ordering information.

We have received lots of tour brochures from Wade Farm Tours,
organizers of our forthcoming engine adventure in England, so if
you are thinking of going on this tour, please write or call us and
ask for one, so you’ll have plenty of time to get ready! The
tour dates, again, are June 19 to July 3, 1993. Reservations have
started to come in, and space is limited, so don’t wait too
long if you intend to go! The brochure will give you all the

Another item of interest! We recently received a nice note from
Marv Fery, who is now president of the newly formed Antique
Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club. After we published a story about
Marv’s collection (March 1991), he heard from numerous fellow
Cat collectors. That got him thinking that an organization might be
a good idea, and his friend Dave Smith, a fellow collector,

Marv’s first step was to contact The Caterpillar Tractor
Company in Peoria, Illinois, and eventually the company gave the
collectors their blessing and helped them to choose a name. The
group got started at the Great Oregon Steamup in Brooks, Oregon in
July 1991 and now has almost 300 members. If you want more
information on the club or would like to join, write to the group
at 10816 Monitor-McKee Rd., Woodburn, OR 97071. We wish the new
organization well!

For those of you responsible for Club advertising, you should be
receiving a package  of information about 1994 advertising. If
you are new to this responsibility or for whatever other reason
would like one of these packages, please write to our advertising
department and let them know.

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