By Staff

We have a new feature this month, an Oil Field Engine Column,
written for us by collector Russell Farmer. If you are a collector
of oil field engines, feel free to write to Russell and share your
pictures with him, as he will send things into the magazine for
you. The column appears on page 19 of this issue.

We are always in search of great pictures for our covers, so
please share yours with us! There is usually a bit of a wait
between our receipt of a photo and its appearance on the cover, but
right now our backlog is cleared. If you’ve been
procrastinating with an especially good picture of a fine engine or
tractor, you might be surprised at how quickly it will appear!

Our printer and mailer have been having a few problems in recent
months, which have caused our magazines to hit the postal system
later than we like. Also, our mailer sent a second August issue to
foreign subscribers instead of September. We were able to
straighten things out, but we truly appreciate the patience of
those of you who got the wrong issue and then had to wait even
longer for the correct one.

We’d also like to alert you to a small but significant
correction from our October issue. In the Bradley, Parrett, and
Kaywood Tractors story by Robert Hall, Jr., on page 28, it should
be noted that the city directory (in the fourth paragraph of the
story) stated that the companies were not
the same.

As always, we hope you enjoy the festivities of the coming
holiday season!

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