By Staff

The end of the year is upon us, and we’re thinking about
great things to come in 1997. By the time you read this letter, we
will all know the outcome of our presidential election, but as I
write, the debate is continuing. Meanwhile here at the office,
we’ll be hard at work trying to assemble all the thousands of
pieces of information that go into our annual Steam and Gas Show

If you’re one of those ‘show contacts,’ please be
mindful of the December 15 deadline for your free listings. And if
you have started a new show that we might not know about, be sure
to write and tell us about it.

If you’re planning to order a gift subscription for someone
on your list, we need to have it by November 18 in order for the
first issue to reach your giftee by Christmas in the regular
mailing. Otherwise, we’ll have to charge you an extra two
dollars to send it out in the regular mail to get it there in time.
Try not to procrastinate too long if you want us to send gift
subscriptions or books for Christmas, as no orders will be
processed after December 20.

We have had several inquiries recently regarding insurance, both
for small shows, and individuals who are seeking to insure their
collections. Quite a few years back we collected and published some
information on the subject of insurance, which is probably outdated
by now. If some other people might have some expertise or
experience in these matters, we would really appreciate hearing
from you, so we can pass along some information to those who need

Please note that we have the concluding second installment of
Mac Sine’s story of Lauson engines in this issue.

May you all have the Happiest of New Years!

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