By Staff

As the year draws to a close, we’ll be turning some of our
attention towards the 1993 Steam and Gas Engine Show Directory. Our
mailing to clubs to get dates and listing information for next
year’s book went out in mid-October. If you are someone who
should have received one of these mailings and didn’t, please
call our office as soon as possible to find out whether someone
else in your club is handling the matter or whether the information
has failed to reach us. When you call, ask for the advertising
department. The deadline for information for the directory is
December 15, so if you haven’t already sent in your club’s
listing or advertising, please remember to do so by then!

We have run out of Dave Baas’ popular book, Vintage Garden
Tractors. We had hoped to have a 2nd revised edition ready in time
for Christmas, but we are lagging behind a bit and are unable to
advertise it in this issue. Dave has added considerable material
this time, and the new edition will certainly be worth waiting

Well, 1992 has definitely been an exciting year! As I write this
letter, we are in the midst of the most unusual presidential
campaign in modern history, and the ballots have not yet been cast.
By the time you read this, Thanksgiving turkey will probably be on
the table and you’ll be surrounded by family and friends
enjoying the togetherness the holidays bring. Have fun, and enjoy
the extra hours in your barns, garages and workshops pursuing your

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