By Staff

This month we have a new feature for you. Harry Matthews, whom
most of our Internet travelers know, has submitted one of his
topics from a Smokstak column that has appeared on his site. Since
we do have a significant number of readers for whom the Internet is
either an infrequent or unknown destination, we encouraged Harry to
send us something. His topic this month is parking at shows, and we
hope that those of you who are the decision-makers in your engine
clubs will find his informal survey useful. Seems as though parking
(which was among the topics discussed in last month’s ATIS
column) is a major concern no matter what sort of event one is

We’re happy to say that our 2001 Show Directory has been
very popular this year the good news is that we have only a few
copies left, so we hope you’ve already gotten yours if you
wanted one!

By the way, we have had some unfortunate sabotage on our website
once or twice, and we hope none of you has been offended by what
some rogue hacker has put there periodically. We think the problem
has now been taken care of, and we are making changes in our site,
so do visit us at!

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