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Thanks for taking time out from what I’m sure is a schedule
full of engine shows’ and gas-ups this month to have a look at
good ol’ GEM. We appreciate the continuing support of all you
folks out there.

Along those lines, we want to make sure that you get your
magazine in as timely a manner as possible, and so I’ll pass
along this note from subscription manager Judy Sauder, who says,
‘ We received a notice from the Postal Service stating that
they have made changes in zip codes in many areas. Therefore,
please notify us of any changes in your address. Failure to give us
this information could result in a DELAY in delivery of your
magazine.’ Yikes! Better to let us know sooner rather than
later, because we work a month or two ahead in the magazine

We all enjoyed a recent visit from a tour group of engine
enthusiasts from Great Britain, escorted by our good friend Rob
Rushen-Smith of Arena Travel/Wade Farm Tours. While here in
Lancaster County, they traveled to Wilhelm’s Engine Show,
visited Rough & Tumble, rode the Strasburg Rail Road and toured
the adjacent Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, nosed around
advertiser Robert Lefever’s home place, and joined the GEM
staff for a little picnic at managing editor Linda Weidman’s
home. Everyone had a good time, and it’s always fascinating to
meet new people from faraway places. Even if you’re shy about
that sort of thing, at least having an interest in vintage
machinery gives you a leg up on starting a conversation!

Enjoy the shows, stay in the shade, and see us back here next

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