By Staff

I have several corrections to alert you to this month, so I may
as well start right out with them! First, we had an incorrect date
on the back cover of our February issue. The correct date for the
Tulare, California, show appears in the EDGE&TA column this
month. Second, we made a really unusual error in a story by Richard
Sabol, also in our February issue. Oddly enough, we failed to
include the final page of his manuscript when we printed the story.
Thus, we have picked up the end of the story in this issue. Sorry,

By the time you read this letter, those of you who ordered 2001
Show Directories early may be reading your copies! This year’s
book is again filled with tons of beautiful color show pictures for
your enjoyment, in addition to the many facts and figures you will
need in planning for the spring, summer and fall.

Also new is a book that was in the works for several months.
Subscriber Mike Martino, a Wheel Horse aficionado, has told the
story of this garden tractor’s history and development in
Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: The Wheel Horse Story.

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